Kids Of UK Immigrants More Likely To Go To University


For many immigrants in the UK, these are the good times they have been waiting for. The result of all their hard work has finally paid off. They were the ones who were denied better opportunities in their native land. They were the ones who vowed they would do all in their power to see that the same fate would not befall their children. And it is with a sense of pride that these people have finally seen the fruit of their hard work.


In a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom, it was found that the children of immigrants were the ones who were most likely to go in for further education, then the children of British-born parents. Nearly 60% of people in the age group of 20-40 with parents who were born abroad were found to have been accepted at Universities across England. The researchers feel that this may have a lot to do with the value system being followed in most immigrant homes, where parents extol the virtues and benefits of education. In such homes, education is seen as the means to fight the many injustices that were meted out to them. A degree is often likened to a passport in these homes- a passport to a better future.

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