Twitter To Forge Ahead On Its Own As No Buyers Stake Claim

Everyone who has an access to the internet would certainly be familiar with Twitter. The micro-blogging site has several millions of users who log in daily to share their tweets or posts of 140 characters. Despite an ever growing user base, twitter is still struggling to meet ends. The company is looking for ways to increase its growth in revenue. Salesforce the popular cloud platform took part in a negotiation with Twitter Inc. However, the deal failed to turn fruitful as Salesforce failed to take up Twitter’s offer on the sale.


Marc Benioff, the chief executive of Salesforce in a press release earlier stated that Twitter is an unpolished jewel and the company openly signaled interest for a tie up with the social media site. It is to be noted other popular firms like Google’s Parent company Alphabet and Walt Disney have expressed interest in the deal with Twitter.

The removal of Salesforce sent twitter shares further plummeting downwards. The shares of the micro-blogging site were already down due to the impediment of the sale. The failed sales further sent them down. The further increase in the share price will occur only when another company expresses interest in the micro-blogging site.

twit1Jack Dorsey, the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter however is hopeful that he can steer the firm in the right direction. He hopes to increase revenue by generating further advertisements on the site. Twitter currently holds a record of 313 million users and the numbers are further expected to rise in the next quarter. Also staff cuts are on the hold until twitter can get back its footing.

Twitter still holds a few cards up its sleeve. It has plans to join along with BuzzFeed, the online news platform and they plan to cover the presidential election minute by minute in November. However, investors seem to be losing faith and this is reflected in the downfall of the stocks by a further 33%.

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Innovators Meet At Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas


On 6th of January this year, Las Vegas once again played host to the annual global consumer technology exhibition, The Consumer Electronics Show. Over 3000 international companies made their annual pilgrimage to the CES’s venues- The Las Vegas Convention Centre, The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino and The Sands Expo-Convention Center. It has always been touted as being one of the greatest exhibitions dedicated to showcasing the latest in technology and innovation. This was proved when the spectators had the chance of viewing some of the very amazing creations that were spread over the two million square feet venue.


Since its inception in 1967, the CES has seen some remarkable technological innovations, some even described by many as being “before its time”. Last year the place of honor belonged to the concept of The Internet of Things, the revolutionary concept that can bind all electronics by utilizing the power of the Internet.

This year too, The CES was witness to some very cool stuff! It was a huge success, showing how deeply the world around us has changed, and evolved. CES had a number of innovative products like huge Curved Televisions, Smart Home Appliances, and Smart cars like the Toyota FCV Plus which run amazingly on a hydrogen fuel-cell, and so on. We again saw the numerous uses that different drones could be put to.

The Innovator Award went to a very amazing concept- a wireless device that enables fishing-rods combined with a smartphone to find fish. Even this year, many products based on The Internet of Things were exhibited. Such events are detrimental to the economy as well. Newer inventions mean newer products and services. Especially with the emphasis given to driverless cars this year, who knows, maybe next year will see an actual roll-out of these trendsetting vehicles.