April 2017


Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance pays off

Why wait for your HVAC system to fail during hot weather? Stay ahead of the power curve by properly maintaining your HVAC system through Trophy AC’s signature 26 Point HVAC Inspection . AC System maintenance

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This is what we include in our 26 Point HVAC Inspection:

• Lubricate Motors. • Clean out debris from condenser. • Rinse Condenser coils clean. • Wipe clean Condenser. • Test safety controls. • Check air purification systems. • Inspect systems surge protection. • Inspect Heat strips/ Gas furnace/ Heat pump system. • Check system for any abnormal noises. • Spray inside Air Handler cabinet with Mold/Mildew treatment. • Seal any leaks of air from Air Handler cabinet. • Measure and record Temperature differential. • Visually inspect duct system. • Inspect electrical wiring in Condenser. • Clean and Tighten electrical connections. • Change filter. • Visually inspect evaporator coil for cleanliness. • Inspect thermostat for accuracy. • Test electrical shut off switches. • Check voltage and amperage of compressor. • Check voltage and amperage of motors. • Check systems refrigerant levels by superheat or sub cooling. • Flush systems drain line with environmentally safe chemical cleanser. • Vacuum clean drain line. • Treat drain pan with detergent tablets. Don’t let your system break down on you. Call us to schedule a 26 Point HVAC Inspection on your units.
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Air Conditioning Repair & Servicing Locations

We provide HVAC Inspection service the entire San Antonio, Texas area including Helotes, as well as the surrounding towns and cities. We is also a proud authorized dealer of Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid, GE, Maytag and many more! Give us a call today and we would be happy to send one of our thirty factory trained technicians waiting to assess, diagnose, and repair any of your air conditioning needs and HVAC inspection / repair needs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Tropht AC’s Same Day Air Conditioning Repair also offers commercial air conditioner repair and installation as well as commercial HVAC inspection / repairs. If your business requires large grade commercial HVAC inspection or air conditioning repair, make sure to contact Ralph. For all the same reasons as mentioned above, Trophy AC’s Same Day Air Conditioning Repair will conduct an HVAC inspection and correct your commercial air conditioners correctly the first time out so call us now and avoid another hot indoor Texas day. The insured and licensed commercial electricians at Trophy AC’s Same Day Air Conditioning Repair will perform commercial HVAC Inspection, air conditioning repairs, installation, and maintenance on your commercial air conditioning units. We work for all types of organizations to include:

• Municipalities and other local governments
• Stores and restaurants
• Property managers
• Places of Worship
• Public, Private schools and Universities
• Small, medium and large businesses

If there’s something amiss with your commercial equipment, Trophy AC’s Same Day Air Conditioning Repair will service all your residential and commercial, air conditioning, HVAC and appliance repair needs.air conditioning service

Ralph’s Air Conditioning Repair Guarantee’s

By allowing Ralph’s Same Day Air Conditioning Repair Service in West Palm Beach, Florida and surrounding areas to provide you with all of your Air Conditioning repair needs, you will be offered the following:
• A two hour service period for our technicians to arrive and accurately to conduct and HVAC Inspection or diagnose any malfunctioning appliance and air conditioner. We will not have you waiting long for any of our technicians.

• We are trained using all major factory brands in the Air Conditioning / HVAC industry, and therefore repairs come easy for our technicians.

• Honest assessment with skillful and thorough HVAC inspection and air conditioning repairs.

• Licensed and insured air conditioning repair technicians.

• A one year warranty on all Air Conditioning Repair parts and labor.

• Air Conditioning Repair services 7 days a week with both day and evening appointments available.

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